Ann Vogel – Class of 1960

Classmates of Ann Vogel were not surprised that this exceptional student and class leader went into medicine like her father. But, for Ann, serving the needs of her home community has expanded into so much more. Her dedication, optimism, creativity, and professional skills have contributed to her proactive leadership in the New Ulm community and beyond.

After graduating in 1060, Ann attended the University of Minnesota where she received undergraduate and masters degrees. Ann went on to medical school at the Medical College of Pennsylvania and she completed her internship and residency at Hennepin County Hospital and the Mayo Clinic, respectively.

Returning to her hometown in 1970, Ann utilized her experience to provide Family Practice and OB/GYN care to patients at New Ulm Hospitals. In addition, Ann served as Medical Director of Highland Manor Nursing Home as well as local, regional, and state professional committees. Between 1998 and 2004, Ann practiced in Faribault developing their OB/GYN clinic.

Seeing the need for accessible health care for all, she has volunteered at a Navajo reservation in Arizona and she joined the Open Door Health Center in Mankato, providing for the medically underserved population of Southern Minnesota in 2000 until 2010.

Committed to the community of New Ulm, its heritage, and improving the quality of life of its citizens, Ann has been the driving force in the redevelopment of German Park and is involved in a new vision of Herman Heights Park and a Monument Master Plan. She has championed the importance of green space, parks, recreation, trails and art among the many key elements of a healthy community.

Ann cherishes the town’s German heritage and gave to the city the familiar Gnome family, nine costumed characters who welcome all to festivals and special events. Much of her giving, however, has been through quiet philanthropy and aid to individuals in need. Most do not know all she has been involved with, and she prefers it that way.

Ann’s enthusiasm and vision have inspired others to join her and contribute their skills to her work. Always with an eye on the next project to benefit her community, Dr. Ann Vogel tirelessly pursues a better future for New Ulm.