Bonnie Mohr – Class of 1980

Bonnie Mohr knows the value of hard work. Raised on a family dairy farm, there was no escaping it. Yet, Bonnie found joy and pride in working with the cows, enjoyed nature, and experienced what she called, “a perfect childhood.” Her humble but proud beginning led to well-deserved international recognition and prestige, both as a farmer and an artist. Bonnie is the textbook example of how hard work and determination can pay off.

While attending New Ulm High School, Bonnie became the first female president of the New Ulm FFA, and showed cows at the Minnesota State Fair exhibiting a grand champion. Bonnie graduated from high school in 1980 and went on to attend University of Minnesota, Waseca where she received a double major in Agricultural Production and Agricultural Communications. After graduation, she took on jobs around the area in radio and publishing. In 1988, she began dairy farming with her husband John and began developing her art career.

Bonnie paints what she knows. Cows. She is gifted at capturing their personalities and essence, and the world has taken notice. Bonnie has painted over 300 oil paintings, some commissioned for agricultural companies, some for exhibitions, and still others as donations that have earned thousands of dollars for different organizations, including one that raised $85,000 for the National Holstein Foundation. She begins her workdays at 4AM every morning, before her husband and five children, and uses the quiet, peaceful time of the day to paint. Her natural talent and love for painting is evident in each work she creates and has expanded into the arena of Inspirational art as well as Rural American.

Bonnie may be busy with painting, being a dedicated mother, and helping on the farm, but she finds time to volunteer as well. She has served on committees at Holy Family Catholic Church and School, volunteered as a classroom aid at St. Pius, First Lutheran, and Holy Family, hosted groups of school children at their farm, and is active with 4H. Her farm has served as a host family for traveling students for seven years. They also hosted international trainees from around the world through Communicating for Agriculture. Bonnie knows all about giving back and she does it with grace.

New Ulm is proud of Bonnie Mohr. She has spent her life creating, giving back, and sharing knowledge and wisdom with her family, community, and ultimately, the world. We are inspired by what she has done and thankful she found her path. Says Bonnie, “This is the path that God wanted for me. I have become who I am, not by chance, but because this was his plan for me. I believe we are all given skills and abilities; what we do with them is up to each of us.”